Let White Oak Laundry be your one-stop shop for all your business’ washing needs.  We offer Pick-Up and Delivery services to corporate customers and are happy to provide special, discounted rates for clients based on volume and frequency.  Our professional staff will work with you to ensure all your needs are fulfilled.

White Oak Laundry offers this service in NW DC and many areas of Montgomery County.

We Pick-Up and Deliver your Wash-Dry-Fold bulk laundry on a convenient regular schedule that gives you many choices and flexibility.


White Oak Laundry Pick-Up and Delivery Schedule

Pick-Up                                                         Deliver

Monday                                                        Wednesday

Wednesday                                                  Friday

White Oak Laundry accepts all major credit/debit cards and businesses can also qualify for monthly or semi-monthly billing.  We also provide the convenience of on-line billing (we e-mail your invoice).

Just call 202-820-1219 to discuss all your washing requirements and we can work out a delivery schedule and payment plan.


The White Oak Laundry Process

  • Clothes are separated into whites and colors loads.
  • Each customers’ clothes are washed separately from other customers.
  • Our detergents, bleaches and softeners are premium quality.
  • Clothes are folded and placed in plastic bags and then in a laundry bag.
  • Laundry bags are provided free-of-charge for customers that schedule regular Pick-up and Delivery Service.
  • You can leave your laundry bag/bags for pick-up by your front door, porch or any other suitable location that you prefer; when delivered we will return the finished laundry to the same location.
  • Our pricing is by the pound for most laundry, however some items are priced individually (please see our pricing chart below for more details).
  • Your clothes are weighed twice- once before processing and again after processing to ensure that all laundry that is picked-up is delivered.


White Oak Laundry Pick-Up and Delivery Pricing

There is a minimum pricing of $18

Wash-Dry-Fold – $1.00 per pound   Comforters any size $16.00

Bed Covers – Blankets – Mattress Covers and Quilts will be charged an additional $2.00 per item

All Pricing Includes the following: Pick-Up and Deliver-Washers-Dryers-Premium Detergents-Bleaches-Softeners-Folding

We remove items from the order that are not priced by the pound as per the pricing schedule above.  Then, we weigh the remaining clothes on a certified scale that is checked regularly by the state of Maryland.

We calculate the amount of charges for the bulk wash-dry-fold and for any individually priced items that you included in the laundry bag.  White Oak Laundry will send you a receipt via email with the amount for each pick-up.

Our minimum charge of $18 which represents approximately 18 pounds of clothes.  We also pick-up smaller quantities, but the minimum charge will remain $18.

Our pricing is all-inclusive: we pick-up your laundry, then sort all items into light and dark loads; we use only premium detergent and softener; we then Wash-Dry-Fold all items and put them into plastic bags that are then placed in a laundry bag that we deliver to your home or office or other location of your choice.

All pick-ups must be in a laundry bag; we will not pick-up loose clothes or clothes left in a basket.

It is your responsibility to separate any wet items that might contaminate or discolor other items in the laundry bag.  Please separate and place in a separate plastic bag inside the laundry bag any item that requires special attention.

As mentioned, we separate all your laundry into light and dark colors to avoid bleed-over or running of colors.


Preparing for Your First Pick-Up

Put your clothes into plastic bags or a laundry bag and leave them at a designated location. If you become a weekly or bi-monthly customer, we will provide you with free laundry bags on subsequent pick-ups.

Only put clothes in the laundry bag that can be machine washed and dried.  We do not have a facility to do air-drying.

White Oak Laundry now offers comprehensive Dry Cleaning- Finished Laundering and Alteration services to our customers.


Dry Cleaning – Finished Laundering

Pick-Up and Delivery Service Included for no Extra Charge!


We will pick up your dry cleaning and laundering (with or without an accompanying Wash-Dry-Fold order), do the processing and will deliver it back to your home or office.

Our pick-up and delivery prices are the same in-store prices, so you pay the same price as if you were taking the clothes to the dry cleaners and picking them up yourself.  Why go to the store when you don’t have to?  Let us do the work!

Our Dry Cleaning Delivery Service is top quality and the most competitive priced around.

With our comprehensive Pick-Up and Delivery program you never have to leave your home to have the best laundry and dry cleaning service at an incredible value and convenience.


Pick Up & Delivery Pricing for Dry Cleaning & Pressed Laundry


  • There is no minimum for dry cleaning and laundering orders if you also have a Wash-Dry-Fold laundry order of at least $18 (18 lbs).
  • The minimum order for pick up and delivery of dry cleaning & laundering that is not combined with a Wash-Dry-Fold laundry order is $25.


Shirts Pressed-in Hangers Silk/Linen
   Men’s (business shirts) $2.50 $1 Extra
   Ladies’ $2.50 $1 Extra
   Polo or Pullover  $2.50
Doctor/Lab Coats Short Long
$6.00 $7.50
Blouses and Shirts Regular Silk  
$4.50 $1 Extra  
Dresses Regular Silk Fancy
  1-piece $6.00 $1 Extra Varies
  2-piece $9.00 $1 Extra Varies
Long Dresses Long
  2-piece $9.50 $1 Extra
Coats/Jackets Regular Long Down
   Blazer or Sports Coat $6.50
   Short Jacket (Spring/Fall) $6.50
   Short Coat, Adult (Winter) $8.50 $12.00 $18.00
   Short Coat, Child (Winter) $8.50 $15.00
   Raincoat (incl liner & belt) $12.00
Pants/Slacks & Shorts Regular Silk  
   Pants/Slacks $5.50 $1 Extra
   Shorts $4.75 $1 Extra
Skirts Regular Silk  
   Short, no pleats $5.50 $1 Extra
   Long, no pleats $6.00 $1 Extra
Suits & Tuxedoes 2-piece 3-piece  
  Men’s $10.50 $13.00
Sweaters Regular Heavy  
$5.50 $1 Extra
Ties & Scarfs Regular Silk  
Regular $4.00 $1 Extra
Blankets & Comforters Priced by Request
   Draperies – with lining $3.25 per pleat
Pillow Coverts Regular    
Table Cloths & Napkins Small Medium Large
   Table Cloths $16.00 $18.00 Varies
   Table Cloths (fancy or embroidered $16 and Up
   Napkins (Dinner) $2.95 $1 Extra
Sleeping Bags Single Large
$22.00 Varies


Please call or email us for items not on the above list.


White Oak Laundry Disclaimer

Claims regarding damaged clothes: Before you contact us regarding any damage to your clothes please consider the following factors that are outside our control.

While we do our best to remove all items from pockets, we cannot be responsible for items that you leave in your pockets or put into your laundry bag which may damage clothes or become damaged themselves, such as pens, lipstick, crayons, oil, etc.

We cannot guarantee against color loss and shrinkage or against damage to weak fabrics that require special attention (which should be removed from all regular clothes and placed in a separate plastic bag to ensure special handling).

We cannot guarantee against color bleed-over from new clothes or clothes with poorly set dyes.  Bleed-over often occurs when wet items rub against each other inside a customers’ laundry bag (please put wet clothes in a separate plastic bag inside the laundry bag).

We try our best to separate your clothes, however, we are not responsible for “dry cleaning only” items that are in your laundry bag, which we may not identify.

We are not responsible for normal wear and tear, pre-existing damage; severe soiling that may have damaged your clothes and requires special treatment.

White Oak Laundry liability with respect to any damaged article shall not exceed 10 times our charge for processing the item.  All claims must be made within two [2] days of delivery.

One simple reminder, you are responsible for what you put in your laundry bag.  Please tell us in advance if there are items that require special handling and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.  Otherwise, we accept your bulk laundry “As-Is” and, in turn, you agree to accept it back from White Oak Laundry “As-Is”.


Contact White Oak Laundry at 202-820-1219 for all your Washing Needs!

Call to set up your account and schedule pick-up and delivery.

When setting up the account you can select to have regularly scheduled pick-ups, or you can choose to call whenever you require service for an additional charge.

Schedule a pick-up by calling us or just send us an e-mail at info@whiteoaklaundry.com

To cancel a pick-up before your scheduled day, please send us an e-mail at info@whiteoaklaundry.com or call us at 202-820-1219.

We check our e-mails regularly throughout the day and if there is a problem we will contact you.


No Pick-Up Fee

We do not charge a Pick-Up Fee, but there is a penalty of $5 if we come to your address and through no fault of our own we cannot complete a pick-up or delivery.  A typical reason for a failed pick-up is that the customer forgets to leave the laundry at the previously designated location.

Our desire is to work with you to make your laundry cleaning needs as easy and economical as possible.

Regular customers will designate a location were we will pick-up your laundry during your scheduled day, we will pick-up from that location (no need to be home).  If you are home and/or have a large order, we will knock on the door to make the pick-up.

Examples of locations that are easily accessible areas in your home are on a porch or front stoop, in the carport or backyard, etc.

Access to the lobby of apartment building with front desk attendants where customers can leave and retrieve laundry orders is also possible if permitted by your building’s management.

In apartment buildings were no attendant/doorman is present you can provide the code to the front door and we will pick-up from your apartment door.


White Oak Laundry Billing Procedure

Our pick-up and delivery customers have individual accounts.  Each Customer provides a credit/debit card that we will charge after processing your laundry.

Immediately after processing we e-mail billing invoices in PDF format that itemizes all charges and payments.  We do not share any customer information with anyone and credit card information is not listed anywhere on the invoice.

All credit/debit card information is stored securely.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At what time should I put out the clothes for pick-up?

Please have them ready for pick-up no later than 9 a.m. on the scheduled delivery pick-up date.

Do I have to label my bags with my name and address?

No, we will do that at the time of pick-up.

Do I have to do an inventory list of my laundry?

No, we track your clothes by weight – before and after processing to make sure the same amount that we pick-up is delivered.

However, if you prefer to include an inventory list or just add a few items for special attention that is also possible.  If you would like us to confirm the inventory list with our own inventory list, we charge an additional 10 cents ($0.10) per pound to the order.

What happens if I go on vacation?

Just send us an e-mail at – info@whiteoaklaundry.com or call us at 202-820-1219 to suspend service while you are away.

Are pick-up and delivery charges more expensive than drop-off?

Yes, if you prefer to drop-off and pick-up your laundry at White Oak Laundry it will be more economical.  We offer the best value for Wash-Dry-Fold service at our location than any other laundry service in our area.

Please visit our website at (www.whiteoaklaundry.com) and click on the Wash-N-Fold Tab for complete information.

Can I get my shirts and pants returned on hangers?

Yes, but there will be an additional 10 cents per hanger charge.

We have tried to be as comprehensive as possible in detailing this service.  However, if there are any other questions or concerns that you might have, please don’t hesitate to call us at 202-820-1219.


We are here to service you!